Wednesday, April 6, 2011

War On Drugs

     The term "War on drugs" first crawled out the lying lips of former President of these United States of America Richard Nixon on June 17, 1971.  However, the same anti-drug policies of then and even now stretch all the way back to the year 1914 with the Harrison Narcotics Tax Act of 1914
     Cannabis, falsely labeled a "drug",  has been prohibited in one or more form or fashion since 1906.  By 1930, Cannabis, as a "drug", has been regulated in every state by laws instituted through the Uniform State Narcotic Drug Act.  So, as you can see, the war on Cannabis has been going on way before the "War On Drugs" was ever enacted. 
     The reason for the short history lesson is to make you aware that this has been going on for a long time.  The rulers and taskmasters of this "free" land has done everything in their power to stop the cultivation and the use of a plant, like it or not, given to us by our Supreme Creator.  A plant.  It amazes me that man can make illegal and unlawful and call "bad", that which the Creator of the universe has called "good" and put here for the use of man; the benefit of man; the spiritual enlightenment of mankind.  As a side note, I'm not here to get into religious debates, theological discussions, or argue with internet Rambos.  There are greater battles to fight; greater wars to wage.  The greatest of all being this "War on Drugs".  Specifically, the "War on Cannabis".  What I want everyone to understand is that the battle lines have been drawn.  They have been drawn thin.  So thin, in fact, that there is no middle ground.  If you condone the use of Cannabis, if you believe in it's rightful place as a medicinal herb, if you smoke it, sale it, grow it, you have already chosen your side.  You are a soldier.  What are you going to do, soldier, to secure a future for Cannabis in the state of South Carolina?   What weapons are you prepared to use?  What tactics have you devised? 
     South Carolina has a great history when it comes to revolution and change.  Understand that over 130 battles in the American Revolution were fought on South Carolina soil.  Revolutionists and heroes such as Francis "Swamp Fox" Marion, Andrew "The Wizard Owl" Pickens, and Thomas "The Gamecock" Sumter fought with many others against a tyrannical government and their laws for the liberties that you and I enjoy today.  Do we call them terrorists?  Do we call them insurgents?  Were they criminals?  No.  They are heroes. 
     Was it all done in vain?  What a shame it would be if we forfiet our liberty and choose to stand on the sidelines while a tyrannical government and their unnatural laws forbid us a God given right.   What a shame it would be to let the revolutionary spirit that this great state possesses DIE without even a struggle.  This is a War, friends.  A War for liberty, justice, and revolution.  Are you willing to stand?  Are you willing to do whatever it takes?  Are you willing to face persecution, incarceration, and ridicule for what you KNOW is right and true?  If so, welcome to the War.

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